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Hearing Loss – Prevalence

With a population of 40 million people, it is estimated that 1,800-2,790 children are born each year in East Java with a disabling permanent hearing loss that affects their speech, language and education development. Less than 10% of these children have hearing aids due to cost barriers.

Immunization for rubella (a leading cause of deafness and other impairments) has historically not been offered in East Java as part of the child vaccination program, as it is in Australia. A major difficulty in addressing these issues is the absence of any university training programs in Audiology or Teacher of the Deaf (Special Education).

HearingAID-East Java is working with the East Java Provincial Government and Regencies of East Java to address these issues and to improve the outcomes for children with hearing loss.

Major Project Initiatives:


Secure scholarships for 2 Masters of Audiology and 2 Teacher of the Deaf to study in Australia in 2016. Continue training program in East Java.


5 Resource Centres established across East Java, staffed by the WA trainees. Audiological equipment for testing infants donated. Training ongoing.

The University of Western Australia has an MOU with the University of Airlangga in Surabaya and is in discussion about the establishment of a Master of Audiology program.

4 research projects aimed at building hearing services in East Java have been completed by students at the University of Western Australia Master of Clinical Audiology program and are ready for implementation.

1. Pilot study to establish a baseline epidemiological database for hearing loss in children in East Java
2. Development of a communication training program for deaf and hearing impaired children for the future training of teachers in East Java
3. Development of a mentoring and support program for hearing health workers using tele-health and other technologies
4. Development of a children’s speech test in Bahasa Indonesia for hearing testing young children.


Project members Dr Helen Goulios, audiologist, and specialist teacher Mrs. Marie Kormendy return to conduct follow-up training in East Java.

East Java Government commits to the implementation of a rubella vaccination program for 12 year-old girls as the first-line preventative measure.

Digital printing machine donated to Karya Mulia School for vocational training program for senior deaf students


Ten East Java nurses and teachers sponsored by the Project to come to Perth for a 3-week program of intensive training in hearing testing, identification and referral of children with hearing disorders, and support in teaching children to communicate.


East Java delegation visit to WA to inspect facilities and programs for children with disabilities. Plan was presented for the establishment of hearing services in East Java. Result: Commitment to establish 5 Hearing and Communication Resource Centres to provide testing and support to children with hearing loss and their families in East Java.

Project visits East Java to undertake a comprehensive Needs Evaluation to establish early identification and intervention services for deaf and hearing-impaired children in East Java.


Refurbishment Karya Mulia School for Deaf Children, Surabaya, with assistance from WA’s Disabilities Services Commission and Rotary Club of Surabaya



Famous Surabaya statue of the fighting shark and crocodile