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Funding targets

HearingAID-East Java is seeking support for:

1. Tympanometers to assist staff to assess middle ear disease in children

2. Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) Systems to assist with the behavioral hearing assessment of children aged 6 months-3 years

3. Australian technical support to calibrate and install and calibrate audiology equipment at Resource Centres in East Java  (travel, accommodation, salary costs).

4. Communication and training materials for teaching

5. Tuition costs for 2 Masters of Clinical Audiology at UWA or other Australian university (with additional living costs)

6. Tuition costs for 2 Masters in Special Education (Teacher of the Deaf) in Australia (with additional living costs)

7. Supporting the implementation of 4 UWA Masters of Clinical Audiology program students’ research projects (airfares, accommodation, implementation costs)

HearingAID-East Java is currently seeking endorsement as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) for its work as an Overseas Aid Fund.    

Marie Kormendy performs a hearing test on a child

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